Kanger Subtank OCC Coil / Clapton 0.5


What are clapton coils?

Clapton coils are a special type of wire for use as atomizer heating element.  Unlike standard straight wire coils, Clapton coils consist of a pair of wires: one thicker axial wire, and a thinner wire wrapped around the thicker wire from end to end.  Clapton coils resemble thick guitar or piano wires.  In vaping, the advantage of a clapton coil over a standard coil is that the clapton coil provides more surface area over the same overall lenghth of coil.  This increased surface area translates to more contact with the E-Liquid soaked wick, and a better cloud and flavor genration in general.

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Pack of 5x replacement Clapton coils for use with the Kanger Subtank Mini, Nano or Toptank.

Clapton coils are built using a base wire, with a thinner gauge of wire wrapped around it, like a guitar string. This greatly increases the available surface area of the coil, improving vapour production and throat hit. Wicked with Japanese Organic Cotton. Due to the increased surface area, you may find these coils perform better at higher wattages.

Please note, sub-ohm coils should only be used with a battery capable of supporting high amperage power drain.


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